And so it begins…

There are three key elements to every good story. Remember these: beginning, middle, and end. Sounds almost silly, doesn’t it? But it isn’t. Although these three elements are the basics, they are also easy to overlook or neglect.

How often have you found yourself telling a story and not known how to end it? How often have you found yourself in the middle of a story and not known how you got there?

Today I’m starting my new story, the StoryCraft story. It starts with an idea and a whole lot of energy. It starts in a town called Nijmegen on a grey day when it rained all day. Yes, all day it dripped (sometimes poured) rain from a low, grey sky. In my workroom with a warm light shining while people walk by huddled under umbrellas, and sometimes without, this website came into being.

So that’s where this story is starting. Where it goes, well – you tell me!

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