How to craft a personal statement that’s actually about you

About three years ago, I was on vacation with my family staying on the German-Austrian border. We were visiting Neuschwanstein, the castle that inspired the Disney castle at the tail end of a family road trip from the Netherlands to Croatia and back home. My husband was working on a grant application at the time […]

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Use your story to stand out, not your CV

Every fall, I need a new babysitter. Since my babysitters tend to be busy and hard-working, I usually need a couple. I find them by posting a request on my expat Facebook group. My post gets anywhere from half a dozen two dozen responses every time. After I’ve eliminated anyone who doesn’t meet my basic […]

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shovel and rake

Stop telling the wrong story and start telling your story

We tell stories when we’re asking for things. Kids do it when they explain all the circumstances that require them to own the latest gadget. As adults, a great deal of the storytelling we do is in a business setting. This starts when you write a cover letter for your CV and continues through your […]

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