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June 2020 Book Review

I dove deep into my bookshelves last month, but it wasn’t for reading. The Black Lives Matter protest rocked me to my core. A frightening online conversation that revealed the way people deal with strangers shoved me way off balance. My way to cope and contribute was amplifying Black voices via an excavation of my […]

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Learn Malcom Gladwell’s Most Valuable Storytelling Tool

Malcolm Gladwell is a 56-year-old Canadian living in New York City, a runner who loves cars, and probably our most popular public intellectual. Except that he isn’t really a public intellectual, he’s a storyteller. That’s how he describes himself, a storyteller. I’ve been a Gladwell fan for a long time. According to my reading journal, […]

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February 2020 Reading Review

February was a big, thick books month. I’m often hesitant to read thick books because it feels like a speed bump in my reading highway. But, they’re also good challenges and why be afraid of a challenge? Sapiens was a book club choice this month. In order to make sure we don’t get in a […]

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