4 Ways to Tell exciting stories about your (boring) life

4 Ways to Tell Exciting Stories About Your (Boring) Life

You probably think your life is pretty routine and that you don’t have exciting stories to tell. You get up, eat breakfast, go to work, take kids to school, study yourself, write, whatever it is that you do to fill your days. This mundane life does not seem to be the stuff of stories, let […]

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Women Need Big, Audacious Goals

Here’s the situation this week. Really, it could be any week, but this happened this week. I’m giving a workshop on creating your personal professional story. Everyone has done their homework and brought their audacious goals. When it’s time to share goals, some people want to cure cancer or eradicate a disease. Others want to […]

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What the 10-year challenge teaches us about storytelling

The beginning of 2019 gave us the 10-year-challenge on social media. It’s a simple task to participate, you post a picture of yourself now and ten years ago online, add a catchy caption (or not) and you’re in. It’s been discussed as a way to show off your great fortune,potential data mining event, and a […]

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