How to Customize your Story and Connect with People

In the past, I’ve written about how you can start a story library and how you can pick the right story for the moment. Today, I want to share with you a method to customize your story for your audience while you’re telling them and offer you a free Audience Analysis Worksheet that identifies the […]

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Use storytelling to enhance language learning

This post is a supplement to my Deskundigheidsdag presentation at In’to Languages at Radboud University. Authentic teaching materials are everywhere if you’re a language teacher. There are newspapers, websites, and textbooks galore if you are looking for non-fiction or literary texts to work with. These texts are impersonal. They do not tell individual stories and […]

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Bar friends

Accessorize your stories

Telling a story can be intimidating, even if the audience is friends or family. Luckily, all of us, myself included, have stories we’ve told many times. These are the stories we tell over and over again over time. They are the reliable stories that we love to share or answers to questions we answer every […]

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