October 2020 Book Reviews

October was a very busy month, largely due to launching the Perfect Story Formula for the first time. However, I did read the books pictured above and listened to Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz and Squirm by Carl Hiassen. It was so busy that I’m feeling good that I managed to read at all, to be […]

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stack of books

June 2020 Book Reviews

I dove deep into my bookshelves last month, but it wasn’t for reading. The Black Lives Matter protest rocked me to my core. A frightening online conversation that revealed the way people deal with strangers shoved me way off balance. My way to cope and contribute was amplifying Black voices via an excavation of my […]

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Five books piled up: Leo Tolestoy's Calendar of Wisdom, Pema Chodron's Comfortable with Uncertainty, a gratitude journal, a 5-year journal, and a small commonplace notebook

11 Journals You Could Start Keeping Today

A consistent writing practice is the key to getting comfortable with words and sentences and paragraphs and, ultimately, stories. When people tell me they have an English language test and ask for advice, I tell them to read as much as they can in English to get the patterns of the language into their heads. […]

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