Personal Stories are Professional Stories

Everything is up for grabs this year, nothing is certain, and a lot of us are in transitions we never expected. People have lost jobs or realize they don’t want to keep working the way they used to.  That means there are a lot of people out there looking for a new direction that probably […]

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Use your story to stand out, not your CV

Every fall, I need a new babysitter. Since my babysitters tend to be busy and hard-working, I usually need a couple. I find them by posting a request on my expat Facebook group. My post gets anywhere from half a dozen two dozen responses every time. After I’ve eliminated anyone who doesn’t meet my basic […]

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diagram showing a structure for personal-professional story

A Story Structure for Your Personal-Professional Story

Every workshop I give starts with a story. You’d expect as much. But every workshop I give starts with a personal story, one that often includes my family members and that tells people both who I am and what story can do. For me, there’s no other way to go. When I give a workshop […]

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