Personal-Professional Storytelling

Are you stressed over writing personal statements or cover letters because you don’t know where to start?

Are you talking about what a great fit you are for an organizations mission instead of how they fit into your mission?

Are you looking for a way to start telling your story instead of constantly telling the story you think your audience wants to hear?

It's time to start crafting your personal-professional story. Your personal-professional story is about you, the 4-D amazing person you are and about the change you want to make in the world. It’s more than the one-dimensional list of education, experience, and skills you put on your CV. It’s personal because it’s based on the unique characteristics that make you a great person to work with. It’s professional because it encompasses the most important professional skills and experiences you have that will help you accomplish your goal.

Flipchart with Your Personal Professional Story written on it

What can you expect from a StoryCraft workshop?

  • A safe, engaging, and inspiring experience
  • Hand drawn visuals and a hands-on approach to teaching and learning
  • To work, workshops are for working and we learn by doing
  • Practical examples from start to finish
  • Walk away with tangible results and equipped to continue developing your story on your own

In the personal-professional story workshop, you’ll learn:

  • basic storytelling structure that you can use in all kinds of situations
  • how to adapt that structure for your personal-professional story
  • why a big, audacious goal is the key to your story
  • how to implement the principle of “show don’t tell” in your story
  • a unique tool for sharing your skills and experiences using the appropriate stories
  • why you don’t need to learn, record, or memorize this story to use it well
people working at a table

What do people say about the workshop?

  • “I really liked ‘show, don’t tell’ part because that taught me how to talk about myself and my qualities…. I always find it hard to tell my qualities because I am scared of looking like a showoff.” -Ezgi
  • “A completely new way of thinking about yourself, your achievements/experiences and goals and how to communicate this to others.” – Charlotte
  • “The route towards a personal-professional story step-by-step” – Sofie
  • “Very nice illustrations of how to tell a story. It was very useful to learn how to make my own story instead of using/analyzing other stories,” – Lotte
  • “Immediately have to make your own story and you are forced to thin about your story, It is hard sometimes, but really good to think about. So thank you!” - Lara

What do people say about Christine?

  • “Enthusiasm! Hilarious! Thinking outside the box, letting go of the same old boring story.” Rosanne
  • “I like the energy! Very inspirational. I came with no ideas at all on my story but now I really have stuff to work with. Very motivating!” – Femke
  • “Very enthousiastic, well explained and very creative.” - Charlotte

Who is this workshop for?

  • Anyone considering a career switch or re-entering the job market who isn’t sure how to reframe their story to match new goals
  • Professionals looking for job opportunities
  • Academics applying for external funding
  • Entrepreneurs applying for investment funding
  • Students who are looking for an internship or preparing to graduate and enter the job market

Practical information

  • Minimum duration: 3 hours
  • Maximum number of participants: 24

Learn more or book your workshop

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