Reading Memoirs: There is no one good way to write a memoir

I’m curious about memoirs and have started to gather them at home. This gathering is a process I enjoy tremendously and involves hours spent with my head tilted to the side scanning thrift shop bookshelves. It’s my version of hunting and gathering. Usually non-violent and I never know what I’ll come home with. Recently, I […]

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Slightly Foxed No 70 Summer 2021

My Private Reading Pleasure

Slightly Foxed is my private reading pleasure. It’s British quarterly literary magazine that “introduces its readers to books that are no longer new and fashionable but have lasting appeal.” It contains articles written by people who love to read, often authors, about books they love. A good friend gifted me a subscription when I turned […]

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Stack of books: 84, Charing Cross road by Helene Hanff, Real Life by Brendan Taylor, Ark Angel and Scorpia by Anthony Horowitz, The Yield by Tara June Winch, and Two Trees Make a Forest by Jessica J. Lee

March 2021 Book Reviews

My reading mojo returned in March, perhaps the sun woke it from a winter slumber. All of this to say, “I read a bunch of books in March.” I had gotten into a bit of a slump, but 84, Charing Cross Road in particular pulled me right out of it. Read on to find out […]

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Three stacked books. Slightly Foxed No. 65, Bestiary by K-Ming Chang, and Minor Feelings by Cathy Park Hong

February 2021 Book Reviews

I’m quite pleased to look back at my February reading list and see that I did a good job of working on my goal to read more Asian authors. This little project of mine has gotten me thinking about what it means to read Asian authors, what it means to read Asian authors who are […]

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January 2021 Book Reviews

2021 started with a serious reading month. A number of these books lead to serious reflection and deep thinking. I usually try to spread this kind of reading out with some lighter fiction, but January was just right for hunkering down. So here are notes on a selection of titles in the order that I […]

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December 2020 Book Reviews

I read ten books in December. Books are how I rest and recuperate, which is exactly what the end of December called for. The Netherlands went into its first full lockdown just before school let out for the holidays. The first thing we did when they leaked the news was go to the library an […]

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November 2020 Book Reviews

I’m going to ease back into writing this year with my favorite topic, books. Between being a couple months behind and having read a whole lot of good books, this is going to be fun for me. In November, I read a lot of library books and have given away or loaned out others so […]

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October 2020 Book Reviews

October was a very busy month, largely due to launching the Perfect Story Formula for the first time. However, I did read the books pictured above and listened to Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz and Squirm by Carl Hiassen. It was so busy that I’m feeling good that I managed to read at all, to be […]

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September 2020 Book Reviews

September was an outstanding reading month. In fact, nearly everything I read was a winner. That means this will be a treat to write and possibly a treat to read as well! The Last Girl by Nadia Murad In 2018, Nadia Murad won a Nobel Peace Prize for her work to end the use of […]

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