Custom stories can be used in countless situations. They can be personal, they can be professional, they can be about a product or a service or a cell. We work together on your story to create a document or presentation you can be proud of and that's 100% you.

I'm an experienced story crafter and have helped hone stories about fecal transplants, values in business, professional experiences, and more. Former clients have won grants, contests, and tons of confidence. They have found joy in telling their stories.


First we'll do an intake to figure out where you are with your story and where you want to be.

Then, in a series of one-on-one meetings, we will hone your story until it's the story you want to tell and a story you can tell. That means distilling your story to its essential message, making sure the structure is solid, adding details that you audience will remember, creating visuals that keep you center stage, and practicing delivery.

Your program will be tailored to your needs.


Questions? Want to learn more? Email me!