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Our cooperation starts with me listening to you. That means finding out what your message is as well as the purpose for your presentation and the audience you're delivering to. With all that in mind, we can figure out which route will work best for you. Maybe it's a workshop for your entire department or joining a StoryCraft workshop that's already schedule. On the other hand, you might do best with one-on-one work where we take your story and make it the best it can be!


Whether we end working one-on-one or in a workshop setting, the first thing you'll do is learn the StoryCraft method and how to apply it to your story. Why? Because story is all about structure. Structure is how you go from a mass of information, a scientific paper, or a rambling series of events to a story. Once you have a story, it will be uniquely yours and engage your audience.


Storytelling is unlike other forms of presentation. You are the star. That means putting the focus on your words and not so much that powerpoint behind you. You'll learn how to learn your story and how to improve it through repetition. That means practicing over and over and over again. Audience unnecessary. Seriously!


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What they say...

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"Christine's storytelling for business course has really inspired my students to become more engaged in their projects. Her presenting style breaks down the necessary elements of telling a good story into key elements, whilst still allowing students to develop their own voice. I recommend this course to all educators looking to develop and nurture public speaking skills."

Katherine Wrigley-Anderton, Technology Support Coordinator at Radboud in'to Languages | Wageningen in'to Languages

“Your enthusiasm is “aanstekelijk.” Ondanks licht cynisme vooraf van enkele onder ons is iedereen achteraf enthousiast. De workshop biedt veel handvaten om een verhaal aantrekkelijker te maken voor de luisteraar. In ieder geval stuff to think about!”

Rene van Aerts, PhD Candidate, Radboud University Medical Center


“Enthusiastic teacher; helps to motivate the group.”

Simon Pape, PhD candidate, Radboud University Medical Center


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