Are you a....

Woman in transition

Starting a career? Changing careers? Re-entering the workforce?

You have a lot to offer and your work history doesn't begin to cover it. You have the experience you need to do much more than you might imagine. Learn how to find and tell stories about the professional skills hiding in your personal stories.

It's time for a new story. It's time for a new you.


Do you have to solution to your clients' problems? Are you getting lost in your own story?

It's time to use solid story structure to reframe your story and to tell it from different perspectives. Your clients need a different story than your investors. Learn how to personalize stories for greater impact.

It's time for your story to start working for you.


Does your staff need better tools for telling effective stories?

A storytelling workshop is a great way to both learn and have fun together. Learn about story structure using fairy tales everyone knows and then apply that knowledge to telling stories that need to be told.

It's time to learn how to craft memorable stories.

Hi, I'm Christine...

I founded StoryCraft in 2017 to help people use the power of storytelling to communicate better.

Humans love stories. We love to listen to them and we love to tell them. Stories help us start conversations and share ideas.

Putting together a story that holds your audience's attention from start to finish isn't easy, though. First you've got to pick the right story and then you'll need a simple, effective story structure to craft that story. Finally, you need to tell your story over and over again, using audience feedback to keep improving your work.

I've worked with students, entrepreneurs, international women, and academics. I love watching people see their experiences and their projects transformed into stories that will capture an audience's attention.

Are you ready to start working on your story?

I offer workshops and one-on-one story work. Click the button below and tell me what you want to do. We'll create a package that's just right for you!

I look forward to hearing from you,


Find your stories

You have a lifetime of stories to tell. How do you know which ones are worth telling?

The Story Library Cheat Sheet will help you choose stories you can tell to let people know who you are. They want to know more than your name and profession. Tell them a story, too!

Download your FREE Story Library Cheat Sheet now and start finding the right story to tell today.


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