What's on offer?

You're wondering what exactly I do? Let me explain!

Is your organization or team in need of some inspiration and storytelling skills? Try a workshop like Welcome to Storytelling. You can decide how long and how in-depth your workshop will be.

Do you have a serious writing project and you're not sure how to organize your thoughts into a compelling story? Try writing consulting or developmental editing.

Are you scheduled to give an important presentation? Applying for a grant or job? Try presentation consulting and we will craft and practice a compelling story that's uniquely yours.

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"Christine's storytelling for business course has really inspired my students to become more engaged in their projects. Her presenting style breaks down the necessary elements of telling a good story into key elements, whilst still allowing students to develop their own voice. I recommend this course to all educators looking to develop and nurture public speaking skills."

Katherine Wrigley-Anderton, Technology Support Coordinator at Radboud in'to Languages | Wageningen in'to Languages


“Your enthusiasm is “aanstekelijk.” Ondanks licht cynisme vooraf van enkele onder ons is iedereen achteraf enthousiast. De workshop biedt veel handvaten om een verhaal aantrekkelijker te maken voor de luisteraar. In ieder geval stuff to think about!”

Rene van Aerts, PhD Candidate, Radboud University Medical Center


“Enthusiastic teacher; helps to motivate the group.”

Simon Pape, PhD candidate, Radboud University Medical Center


Your organization needs to communicates complicated ideas better. A StoryCraft workshop is an interactive and engaging way to get started. You'll be actively involved in your own learning process because you learn best by doing.

Be prepared to think hard, discover some creativity, and tell your story.

Workshops include:


Presentations are hard. You need to start with a breathtaking opening line, push through with a solid message, and give them an ending they won't forget. No problem, right?

We can work one-on-one to help you find, craft, and tell your story.

  • Presentation planning
  • Visual presentation support
  • Presentation skills


You have a big writing project that needs to get the reader's attention from line one. You're tired of your own writing and looking for a way to make your writing fresh and engaging. You want to enjoy writing again.

We can work on that. We'll start with your writing process and story structure. When you're done, you'll have a finished product you can be proud of and the skills to keep improving in the future!

  • Developmental editing
  • Writing coaching
  • Content writing

Want to get in touch? It's easy - just email me at christine@storycraft.nl and we'll talk!


  • In'to Languages
  • Leiden University Medical Center
  • Radboud University
  • Radboud University Medical Center

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