This is an engaging one-hour presentation that introduces participants to the basics of story structure and encourages them to make links between story and their own work. Insights gained here give participants tools to start thinking critically about the stories they tell.


Introduce participants to a structural approach to storytelling. Participants learn to identify five parts of story in a familiar story and relate story to their own work situations.


This workshop starts with a story. Using the story as an example, participants will become familiar with a basic story structure. The core activity is a story analysis applying the story structure to a familiar story. This activity is active, creative, fun, and educational. Afterwards, we will review and reflect.

Target Audience

This workshop is for people who want to use story more effectively in their work. Participants are familiar with the concept of story and willing to participate in a creative and engaging activity.


  • One-hour workshops cost €250 and includes intake, preparation, and delivery
  • The price does not include travel or taxes (21% BTW)
  • Travel costs are €0,40 per kilometer


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